The most eco-friendly flooring option

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

With all of the media attention on climate change, ceramic tiles are clearly the responsible way to finish your home. Ceramic tiles are a surprisingly sustainable alternative to traditional flooring materials.

Composed of natural clay and other raw ingredients, they don't require the destruction of other natural resources like wood or plant material. The clay can be formed into a wide variety of shapes to accommodate a wide variety of uses, such as indoor or outdoor use. The tiles can also be finished in many different ways to simulate wood, glass, or metal, adding another distinct advantage of ceramic tile over other flooring materials such as carpeting.

Glazed tiles offer a surface that cannot be penetrated by odours or other contaminates. For this reason, no chemical cleaners are needed. Only mild cleaners or even just warm water can clean tile sufficiently while avoiding adding dangerous chemicals to the water system.

Do your part for the environment and come in store to check out the amazing options open to you when using ceramic tiles in your home.

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