Updated: Feb 13, 2020

THE BEST FLOORING FOR DOGS! Flooring for the home with Fur babies. It can be hard to make a choice for your flooring because almost every material has its drawbacks. Carpet can be difficult to clean and can rip and stain. Hardwood floors are beautiful but prone to scratches and can also develop set-in stains. Laminate can give you the nicer look of wood but may be slippery and dangerous to pets. Vinyl floors stand up well to moisture and scratches but often do not offer a high-end and desirable look. Tiles are one of the best flooring options for dogs and other pets because it solves all the problems of other materials. It’s extremely durable and scratch resistant, stain and water-resistant and makes it easy to clean up messes. Plus, with advances in technology, you can very accurately replicate almost any look you want, whether it’s wood, stone, encaustic cement or concrete. If you’re worried about having a hard, cold floor, you can put heating elements under your tile or add rugs and pet beds for coziness. (And in hotter months, your pet will have the coolest, most comfortable spot in the house!) For cities such as ours where the weather can be extreme, these cool floors are a big advantage.

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